Frequently Asked Questions

What is AOC Community Media?

AOC Community Media is Lafayette, Louisiana's non-profit community media center with television channels on Cox Communications 15 and 16 or LUS Fiber 3 and 4 and a podcast network.

Where is AOC?

AOC Community Media is located in the Rosa Parks Transportation Center in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana.

101 Jefferson Street
Ste. 100
Lafayette, LA 70501

Free parking is available at the transportation center on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Who can use AOC and its resources?

Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Lafayette Parish can become a member or producer of AOC.

Who can become an AOC member?

Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Lafayette Parish can become a member of AOC. Use of facilities and equipment require membership. Membership is purchased on an annual basis (12 months from the date of payment).

Anyone wishing to support community media in Acadiana may become a member.

How is AOC funded and how can I help?

AOC is funded in a number of different ways. Majority of AOC's funding is generated through franchise and PEG fees collected through cable subscribers of Cox Communications and LUS Fiber. AOC is also funded through the collection of membership fees ranging from $25 to $60 per year per member.

AOC also collects production fees to produce certain projects in the community. Finally, AOC is funded by its sponsors who graciously donate to its general fund and scholarship fund for potential members who are unable to afford AOC memberships.

How is AOC organized and who runs it?

AOC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of community members. The executive director manages AOC under the oversight of the Board of Directors. The director controls the daily operations of the organization and its staff.

How do I get my content on AOC?

Membership is not required for cablecast privileges. AOC will ONLY PROGRAM CONTENT DELIVERED BY:

Lafayette Parish resident, student or person employed in Lafayette Parish over the age of 17 with a signed Producer Agreement on file and completed Cablecast Contract accompanying the content.

Cable space is allocated according to a number of factors such as first-come, first-served depending on available space and number of request, length of media presented, length of time before desired cablecast and other quantifiable factors.

All programming must meet technical standards for AOC cablecast including media format and playback standards.

All standard compliant DVDs and thumb drives are accepted. Your program will be temporarily transferred to our servers. A list of acceptable formats can be found on here. Digital submission options are available.

Contact William McFarlain, programming director, at for more information.

All DVDs and thumb drives should be labeled with the Producer's name, Program or Series Title, and the Episode Name and Number. Please do not turn in master copies to AOC. AOC can not be held responsible for lost or damaged DVDs or thumbdrives.

How can you air THAT  on AOC?

In all of our efforts, AOC seeks to preserve our community’s ability to express its opinions and creativity freely. AOC supports your Freedom of Speech rights granted by First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

What should not  be aired on AOC?

When producers submit content to AOC for air, they agree that their content contains none of the following:

- Programming made unlawful by any applicable federal or state law

- Advertising or material, which solicits people to buy, sell or lease any product or service

- Appeals for funds, write-in or phone requests, that have not been approved by the Executive Director

- Copyrighted material or other material subject to ownership or royalty rights unless released or license indication that written permission for the use of such materials have been obtained by the undersigned.

- Libelous or slanderous material

- Lottery information

- Invasion of privacy

- Material offending community standards.

How can I promote my business on AOC?

Short answer is, you can't. AOC exists for non-commercial purposes only. Users are not allowed to make money, receive compensation or produce commercial work using AOC’s resources.

Content produced should not include material that solicits people to buy, sell or lease any product or service.  

Specific guidelines exist for companies interested in becoming a sponsor of AOC or a program on AOC.

Check the Policy and Procedure for more information