AOC Community Media's Board of Directors is a policy-making board that serves as the governing body of AOC. The Board makes policy decisions regarding purposes, goals, functions and activities. The AOC Board of Directors meets once a month on the third Thursday at noon in the St. Julien Community Room at AOC. The public is welcome to attend this open meeting.

July 2018 - June 2019 Board of Directors:

Jennifer Guidry, President

Kathy Richard, Vice President

David Maynor, Treasurer

Gwen Richard, Secretary

Marie Diaz, Member

Alex Lebat, Member

Paul V. Kieu, Member

Sean Trcalek, Member

Brenda Andrus, Member

Nominate someone for a board position at AOC

Each February, AOC Community Media opens the nomination process for new Board of Directors members. AOC accepts these nominations for one month. In March, the Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors interviews committee-selected nominees and prepare a slate of nominees to present to the entire Board of Directors. In May, AOC mails voting ballots to its membership. The voting period is closed 30 days prior to AOC's annual meeting typically held in the middle of June. At the annual meeting the new board members are announced and begin their service. 

If you are interested in nominating someone for AOC Community Media's Board of Directors, please complete the form below and submit it to AOC.

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