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AOC offers a full range of media production services including production planning, event recording, video and audio acquisition, post production, on-location live streaming, and much more. If you think AOC may be able to assist with your upcoming production or media needs, request services using the form on this page. One of AOC's media professionals will be in touch to assess your needs and provide you with a quote. We often provide services at or below cost (sometimes free) for our non-commercial, NPO, Educational, and Government Partners!  

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Partnership Agreement

We’ll answer your questions as we go forward. This agreement is negotiable before we start and is not complete until acknowledged by client.
This agreement outlines the expectations of the parties involved.

AOC will:

By client request, AOC Community Media will record, edit, live stream and otherwise distribute the program(s) discussed below according to details listed in the Production Request. Each event is an individual occurrence and things sometimes change so please read before signing.


Your event, production, project is non-commercial, not for profit and generally of interest to the community or to niche groups that are otherwise information poor.  

There are no other media services or outlets offering the same services. If someone else is recording the project, AOC can still distribute on Cable, Internet, Website,  Archives, YouTube and social media

When requested by AOC the  client will arrange a pre-production meeting and or location scouting.

Client will make time and space provisions for AOC to place and setup necessary equipment in the venue to handle the request. 

We can’t provide services at no charge to everyone so we need to make our efforts pay off in other ways. We want to form partnerships with our clients and we want to brag about those relationships in our fundraising efforts. The services we provide for you have value to donors and underwriters that help us keep it low cost and we may use the partnership when we do fundraising. Client/Partner will allow AOC to use partnership’s name to request funds from donors in support of client projects or for AOC in general. 

AOC Community Media will receive acknowledgements in line with the valve of our contribution (we’ll provide a guessmate with this agreement). Client will share publicity produced by AOC, Client will acknowledge AOC’s contribution from the podium, in print, and elsewhere according to normal acknowledgement and sponsorship conventions.

Ownership and Distribution rights

The contents of the program are the property of the client who owns all copyrights not given to AOC in this agreement.
AOC will provide a copy of the final product and all raw material to the client if the client provides a harddrive that’s MAC compatible and with enough space to handle the raw material. AOC does not maintain raw materials after 90 days.

AOC has first rights to non-commercial distribution by any means they choose, 

in perpetuity. AOC is further permitted to include this program in pay-per-view or other income producing outlets. These rights are not exclusive, client can distribute in any non-commercial venue they choose.

The Project

Project details are in the Request.

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