Free public service announcement service for 501(c)3 organizations

As a fellow nonprofit organization, AOC Community Media understands the struggle that your organization faces on a daily basis. Your survival most likely depends on how well you make our community aware of your organization. Whether you want to promote an event, push your new website or recruit more volunteers, AOC can help you. And most importantly, we can help you for free. Each Wednesday between 3 and 5 p.m., we invite local nonprofits to our studios to record 30- or 60-second PSAs. We then take care of the rest. We edit the PSAs and then air them on our two television channels - Cox Communications 15 and 16 and LUS Fiber 3 and 4. We also give you a copy for your social media and website. To make an appointment, call 232-4434 or email or fill out the interest form below.

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free message board service for 501(c)3 organizations

The AOC Message Board allows local nonprofit agencies to showcase their organizations and upcoming events in a unique format. The message board airs on Cox Communications channels 15 and 16 and LUS Fiber channels 3 and 4 approximately 10-20 times a day.

There are two options for submitting content for the message board:

  1. Send an e-mail to with the following information about your organization or event.

    1. Name of organization (4-5 words) and attach your logo (as JPEG, TIFF, AI, PDF or PSD)

    2. Name of event (4-5 words)

    3. Description of event or activity (main message goes here) (35 words max)

    4. Dates and times

    5. Contact info for more information/registration (phone, website, e-mail). This is information that is published on message board.

  2. Create your own image for the message board using the following instructions and submit the final version to

    1. The page should be 600X800 pixels.

    2. Include name of organization (or organization logo) and name of event (include a very brief description if possible). We encourage you to use pictures if possible.

    3. Also include location, date(s) and time(s).

    4. List contact information for more information or registration.

    5. Do not include text smaller than 24 pt. Keep word count to around 30 words per page. Do not use highly ornate fonts. The simpler the font is the easier it will be to read.

    6. Each slide will run about 10 seconds.

    7. We prefer to have at least two weeks of display time after prepping the page.

    8. Submit the final version as a JPEG, TIFF, AI, PDF or PSD. Remember to keep 10% of space around the border of the page free of words or images as it may be cut off if there is content too close to the border.

Please note that pages are never guaranteed to run. To increase the odds of your page running, please send your information or page as early as possible. Also, AOC has the right to post or not post at our sole discretion. After you submit using either of the options listed above, you will receive a confirmation e-mail noting whether your page has been approved to run on the message board.

To post here please see our how-to pages or submit your info to